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Correctional Dental Associates (CDA) is a New Jersey based Professional Service Corporation with the explicit focus of providing cost effective, affordable, high quality dental services to State, County and Halfway House inmate populations.  The CDA staff has extensive experience in the management and provision of contractually compliant dental services to the New York City Department of Correction, the Philadelphia Prison System, the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission, the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, the New Jersey Department of Corrections and numerous County Facilities and Halfway Houses.  CDA has the most extensive correctional experience of any specialized dental service provider in the country.  CDA demonstrates an excellent understanding of correctional systems, a documented 18 year track record of successful, efficient, time frame compliant dental services and a proven history of commitment to correctional dental care.  CDA is a minority, equal opportunity, employee based company.

Correctional Dental Associates manages a staff of approximately 55 dentists, 63 dental assistants, 11 oral surgeons, 2 IT specialists and 4 administrative personnel.  The majority of this staff has extensive experience in corrections, an employee orientation on Department of Corrections' guidelines, a Hostage Prevention Program, and experience in the management of High Risk Inmates.  The CDA Administrative Staff has a comprehensive understanding of the NYCDOC, PPS, NJJJC, NJDOC, MDPSCS, County Facilities, Halfway Houses, correctional staff, institutional administrations, transport systems, specialty care, hospitalization, custody constraints and inmate dental care. 

Correctional Dental Associates' main administrative office is located in Trenton, New Jersey, the state capital and location of the Central Administrative Offices for the, New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission, Mercer County and the New Jersey Department of Corrections.  We operate a satellite office in Bridgeton, New Jersey, close to the NJDOC’s largest facility, South Woods State Prison.

Our goals are to be compliant with the contractual, legal and professional requirements, realistically competitive, cost‑effective, efficient, flexible and dependable.  CDA judiciously manages staff and resources in a manner that capitalizes on the flexibility of a private delivery system and at the same time, appreciates and utilizes the long‑standing strengths and stability of an established institutional dental service.  CDA has an experienced administrative staff that makes all management decisions.  CDA is one of the most cost effective providers of dental services available, primarily because we are owner operated, involve our entire staff in management decisions and do not sacrifice patient care for profit.  CDA has consistently demonstrated the ability to provide accountable, effective and reliable dental services.  We are committed to maintaining and improving the infrastructure necessary to consistently improve upon our delivery.

In our first contract, we successfully managed the challenges inherent in any newly privatized system and reached our goal of developing an efficient, effective and accountable dental service.  The New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC) Dental Service benefitted from better dental care at a lower cost as a result of our privatized delivery.  CDA significantly improved the NJDOC Dental Service in every documented area and reduced the original 1996 state operated cost by 24%.

We achieved the following:

National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) accreditation for each facility in New Jersey Department of Corrections - The majority of the NCCHC reviews have noted our Dental Service as either “Excellent” or “Outstanding”

The highest number of dental visits in the recorded history of the NJDOC - Total dental visits per year currently over 71,000 versus approximately 57,000 in 1995 - The average number of dental visits per dentist increased almost 100%, 3,986 patient visits per privatized dentist in 2003 versus 2035 patient visits per state employed dentist in 1995

The highest level of compliance ever recorded with Dental Sick Call, Annual Recall and Routine Treatment Guidelines, approximately 32% in 1995 versus over 98% in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004

The highest number of dental prosthetic case insertions in history, with minimal backlogs and no waiting lists, approximately 1700 case insertions per year in 2003 versus approximately 980 in 1995

The installation of a state of the art Digital Panorex X-ray System for the NJDOC Central Reception & Assignment Facility - New Jersey had the first DOC Digital Panorex in the country

The recruitment, development and retention of an excellent, motivated, professional staff with a commitment to correctional dentistry, the NJDOC and our organization

CDA provides dental care according to the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, the American Dental Association standards, guidelines promulgated by the Centers for Disease Control and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards, and in compliance with the New Jersey Administrative Code 10A:16, and the NJJJC Dental Care Services Contract. 

CDA has the ability to handle all aspects of the delivery of general dental care to an inmate population.  The majority of this care is provided on site at the correctional facility dental clinics. The remainder of the inmate population is in halfway houses and is provided for at assigned  facilities.  CDA has the ability and the experience to provide dental services to the HIV Positive inmate population.  A CDA administrator successfully directed the NJDOC HIV Dental Program and continues to direct HIV dental care for a federally funded hospital based program.  We provide on-site oral surgery on a cost effective basis.  CDA has access to bilingual staff, if not available in the institution.  The increasing number of Hispanic inmates necessitates bilingual capability. 

CDA handles recruitment of staff and all related personnel matters, including training, continuing education, contracts, performance evaluation, malpractice insurance, credentials, benefits administration and payroll.  CDA has established relationships for additional dental laboratory services, supplies, equipment, and equipment maintenance.  We have the financial capability to stand as an independent contractor.

CDA’s documented contractual compliance, successful reviews in every facility by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, our vast level of experience, and our tried and true long‑standing relationships within correctional systems make Correctional Dental Associates a perfect choice for the management and delivery of inmate dental care.


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